Saturday, September 17, 2011

Installing the new Milodon road race oil pan, a very nice part.

Windage tray and pickup.

Reinforcing the factory K member. The skid plate will be welded in after I test fit the big tubular sway bar that has to fit under.

I welded all the seams (twice) and rewelded the factory welds (some of which were incredibly shabby, but that goes for the rest of the car too). I also added a Firm Feel gusseting kit.

It's always nice to weld new steel to clean metal. Welding the seam wasn't as nice due to all the oily crap between the metal which makes for shitty looking welds (the oily crap you can see here is just anti weld-spatter spray though, I sandblasted and ground the K member as clean as I could before I started welding).

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