Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stripped fish

Just got the shell back from the dip strippers, and it's nice and clean. The stripping process also removed all the panel bond that had been used to fix the cowl on the firewall after some rust repairs, so I could stitch weld it on to match the rest of the car, which I'm quite happy about. 100% stitch welded shell now!

So nice to see the shell without all the patchy old paint, primer, surface rust, etc.. Next step is to seal the internal cavities and spray a coat of primer on the whole thing. Something for the sand blasters to blast off. Sand blasting as well!? Overkill? Yes, but I have my reasons!

The doors and deck lid were also dipped. They got deoxydine treated and sprayed with two coats of epoxy urethane primer, and two coats of DP40 primer sealer. The internal cavities were also sprayed with a rust proofing paint that creeps into all crevices, same as the shell will get. Everything will also get cavity waxed when it's finished getting painted too. I hate rust.