Sunday, September 8, 2013

The brackets for the hood pins to bolt to are welded in, so the hood can be latched on. That completes the panel mockup stage of the build! Everything bolts on properly now, no zip ties or vice grips needed! I'll have to add some bumpers under the hood or modify it if I want it to line up with the fenders and header panel. It goes quite flat in the middle. Bending it to make it line up might make it crack quicker over time though...

Made some alloy brackets for the fiberglass bumper. These save a bunch of weight off the nose!

I try and support things I like, so I got a Speedhunters Takata tow strap. I reckon Speedhunters is the best car site on the net, if you don't know it then check it out! I drilled through the top of the front chassis rail support I made and welded on a 12mm nut for the strap to bolt to.