Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

BMW E36 M3

My new little project car/daily driver/track car. A 1997 BMW M3. I love the look of this era of BMW. The lines are classic and subtly aggressive. A real motorsports feel to me, probably due to the success of the cars in a golden era of racing.

It's a great driving car, a wonderful mix of rawness and refinement. I love it! Every day a new rattle it seems, and some part is likely need some work at any time, but that's all part of the experience. As I think I heard someone describe them, they're durable but not reliable. I don't mind working on a car, it makes it feel like it's mine then.

And this thing has been super fun in the short time I've had it. My favourite part is the front end, it just looks so right. They nailed the design, blunt, faceted, low, simple and aggressive, with class. Not trying so hard like so many cars today.

I've fixed and replaced a few key parts, like the steering wheel, shifter, and a whole lot of worn out stuff, and there's lots more coming. But the car is overall in great condition, it's really tidy. Feels tight, and I've got rid of all but one little rattle. The steering is fantastic, absolutely no dead play, and although a bit slow for my taste, it's communicative and rewarding.

So lucky to have some epic roads to drive and locations to shoot in just minutes from my place. And you just can't beat that LA weather!

Got a few track days and autocross and stuff coming up. Can't wait! Also looking forward to doing little (and sometimes big) stuff to the car to get it tidier and give it more performance. Good fun!