Saturday, April 30, 2011

 A selection of holes.

 Patched! Including new 4 speed transmission tunnel.

Everything gets fully welded. The old trans tunnel was pretty beat up!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

some work so far

Sandblasting in the garage. Did a few full loads of sand through the blaster, it took ages to collect and sift the sand, worked out it would take too long to do the whole front clip. Got a great price from a local blasters, so got them to do it.

The kuda trailer, ready to go to the bodyshop to get the front straightened out and some new steel put in.

On the autorobot. New inner fenders and left hand chassis rail.  The whole front was shunted over, and twisted. They de-stitched the cowl and patched the rust in that area too. Now I've something to aim for with my repairs.

At Weta Workshop in our studio. This is where a bunch of miniatures for Lord of the Rings were built, as well as a great deal of other exciting projects.

Starting the rust repairs. Spoiled with machines nearby, plasma-cam, roller, folder, drill press, etc...  Cheers Weta!

Passenger footwell. I made patch templates in cardboard, then scanned and redrew them on the computer as vector files.

Which I then cut on the Plasma cutter.

I decided to try pressing the swages in. So I cut a couple of templates and a die. It worked pretty well, but as I was only clamping a relatively small area around the swage, the metal warped and buckled quite a bit and needed a decent massage before being ready to weld in.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the latest concept image for the kuda. with widened police wheels, and california plate.