Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Love how this shot turned out! So moody. I just installed a reproduction LTW spoiler on a spare trunk lid. I added a plug to the wiring loom so I can easily swap trunks, to go from subtle to full boy racer. Looking forward to seeing how it looks once I've painted the new bits body colour.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

E36 M3 Joy

Recently had perhaps the best drive of my life thanks to this machine. I put Vorshlag camber plates in the front, got a performance alignment, put on the lightweight Kosei wheels with Toyo R888 rubber, and headed up and down the Santa Monica mountains on my favourite roads. The car felt amazing. It's got loads more grip now, steers beautifully, and the 50:50 weight balance is shining through.

I can see why it was voted the best handling car in 1997, the same year mine was made. It won over the likes of 911's, Viper's, Corvette's, Ferrari's, NSX, etc. Quite impressive, and a testament to what the BMW engineers achieved with this car. I love it. I never really paid them much attention when I was younger, preferring to lust after more exotic machinery, but I'm a fan of them now!

Naturally when I got back to my apartment after the long drive the diff bushings gave way and now the car is thumping like crazy. So it's time to refresh the whole rear end and look forward to the next time I can get it back into the hills.