Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

BMW E36 M3

My new little project car/daily driver/track car. A 1997 BMW M3. I love the look of this era of BMW. The lines are classic and subtly aggressive. A real motorsports feel to me, probably due to the success of the cars in a golden era of racing.

It's a great driving car, a wonderful mix of rawness and refinement. I love it! Every day a new rattle it seems, and some part is likely need some work at any time, but that's all part of the experience. As I think I heard someone describe them, they're durable but not reliable. I don't mind working on a car, it makes it feel like it's mine then.

And this thing has been super fun in the short time I've had it. My favourite part is the front end, it just looks so right. They nailed the design, blunt, faceted, low, simple and aggressive, with class. Not trying so hard like so many cars today.

I've fixed and replaced a few key parts, like the steering wheel, shifter, and a whole lot of worn out stuff, and there's lots more coming. But the car is overall in great condition, it's really tidy. Feels tight, and I've got rid of all but one little rattle. The steering is fantastic, absolutely no dead play, and although a bit slow for my taste, it's communicative and rewarding.

So lucky to have some epic roads to drive and locations to shoot in just minutes from my place. And you just can't beat that LA weather!

Got a few track days and autocross and stuff coming up. Can't wait! Also looking forward to doing little (and sometimes big) stuff to the car to get it tidier and give it more performance. Good fun!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

F1 in Austin

Just got back from an awesome weekend in Austin, Texas, checking out the F1 and a little bit of the city. The event was fantastic, incredibly well run, and a real treat to experience.

Great to finally see the current pinnacle of motorsports machines in action. The air whooshing over the body at the end of the straights was awesome. Hard not to wish they still had screaming deafening naturally aspirated engines...    That must have been something to behold! The turbo motors make some cool noises too though.

I had the pleasure to meet and have a chat with Lewis Hamilton recently. Great dude with a fierce handshake, and he dug my F132 concept. Hit me up if you want to make it a reality bro! ha ha

F1 cars are amazing. Endless details to take in.

Same goes for the crowd.

There were a couple other races on over the weekend too, including a Porsche cup race.

And the awesome 70s historic cars I had seen at Laguna Seca. Love em!

Such a great event. Easily the best run and most impressive car event I've attended. And it needs to be, apparently there were about 270,000 people there!


I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a big display of F1 cars and supercars at the track, but having three of these beasts and a couple of Chinooks fly right overhead made up for it!

Great weekend!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

F132 V-Max update

A new look and a new logo for the V-MAX variant of my F132 concept. Fighter jet inspired colour scheme with the white underbelly gives a nice land-shark feeling.

Friday, October 14, 2016

FD Irwindale

A few pics from a great day at Formula Drift Irwindale. My first time seeing a major drift event in the US, loved it!

Seeing the cars close up, flying past, roaring, smoke billowing out and showering you with tire pieces, skimming the wall, it's intense.

Here's Ken Gushi hitting the wall pretty hard.

Mad Mike's MX-5 is such a wicked looking little beast.

My two favourite cars at the event.

There were some rad cars in the display area too.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The South coast cuda, now in LA

The barracuda has made its way across the ocean. I've found a place where I can begin work, to get it running and onto the LA roads. Some of which are a big change from those in NZ! Here's a photo from its last drive around Wellington's beautiful South coast.

I had to do some work in NZ to get it legal for import into the US, so it will take a while before the engine bay looks like this again. But it will be even better, after I get the factory 318 out and this 440 back in, with some upgrades and new stuff!

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Drive

The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders

400 pages, 112 amazing cars, great stories, some of the worlds best automotive photography, along with a killer layout and high quality print... The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders, by renowned publisher Gestalten, is one of the best books on unique cars you'll ever see.

It's truly a superb, high quality publication, and I'm honoured and humbled that my kuda project is featured amongst the likes of the Hoonicorn, Rusty Slammington, Ring Brothers builds, and so many more incredible machines.

Big thanks to Max, the rest of the team at Gestalten, and everyone else involved with this iconic production, for bringing to life an incredible compilation of automotive inspiration and passion. Cheers!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016

NZV8 magazine cover car!

If you're in New Zealand, check out the latest issue of the always awesome NZV8 magazine, as the Kuda graces the cover! This is a dream come true, the cover of NZV8 magazine is pretty much the highest honour for a kiwi bogan.

The article turned out great, there's a good amount of the story and build of the car thanks to a great write up from Todd at NZV8, and seeing my photos in print is always a thrill.

So if you're in NZ pick yourself up a copy! They're also available internationally in print and PDF from magstore.nz. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I love LA...

The joy of an F80 M3 up Angeles Crest. An incredible machine for an incredible road.