Thursday, May 9, 2013

Panel beating

Time to fill the side marker light holes on the rear quarters, before they get welded to the car.

 First up I cut the stamped section out and then cut a nice patch to fit the hole.

I was pretty happy with this patch, it fit perfectly and matched the compound curves of the panel exactly. I knew it would warp from welding but it was fun to try and get it fitting perfectly.

I tacked it in with a MIG welder.

The MIG tacks were ground flat then I very slowly and carefully TIG'ed it in fully. It still warped all over the place. As this sort of thing tends to do... 

That's when you start panel beating! I was extremely lucky to get a master class in panel work by Rex, a shit hot metal man and all around good cunt from Junior's. He massaged the patch on one of the quarters, so I could try with the other. This is the other, I got it 90% there and he finished it. It was pretty impressive to see how a warped panel could be smoothed using simple tools into a clean shape with nice and even compound curves.

Here is the finished panel with only a light coat of etch primer on it. Pretty sweet. Proper hammer and file, 'metal finished', panel work. No filler needed here!

The tools. That 'slap stick' (the metal bar second from the right, like a bent file) was a revelation! Dolly low spots with it and they come right up. I'm sure learning some good stuff at Juniors.


  1. Looks really good! I need to take my truck into the shop to get some dents hammered out. They aren't to big but I'd like it looking new again! How much does this normally cost?

  2. That repair job is flat out amazing. That last picture looks literally brand now. How long have you been doing this? I think everyone that is serious about their body work should have someone like you in their back pocket. Great work, thanks for sharing the results with us.

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