Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Do two quarters make half a car?

One last look at the quarter-less car...    Today I finally welded and glued the quarter panels on. I should have taken note of how many times they have come off and on over the last few weeks. It was a lot.

I made a flat lip around the wheel housing for the quarters to be bonded too. This allows me to avoid welding and also to easily roll the lip up for increased tire clearance. I sprayed Raptor Liner, a hardcore 2K urethane truck bed liner that also looks really nice, on all the surfaces I won't be able to get to later.

The quarter panels got drilled full of holes for plug welds, and also sprayed with Raptor Liner on the inside. I used copper weld through primer on all the weld surfaces.

 3M panel bond adhesive.

Fitted, clamped, and welded. Finally. Now onto the roof.

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