Tuesday, November 20, 2012

latest exhaust bits

Exhaust is pretty much done, at least for now. The flange at the header end will be welded on once the engine is in the car.

I added some stainless bungs for O2 sensors to help with tuning.

There are 4 mounts to the body, with 10mm stainless hangers and polyurethane isolators. I braced the floor with plates welded to the body and welded 10mm nuts to the other side to make mounting and adjusting the exhaust easy. The stainless plate on the hanger has a bunch of adjustment possible. The rubbers are pretty solid, you don't get much movement yanking on the exhaust, so should be good to go.

This is one of the brackets for the rear mounts near the end of the exhaust. Again there's captive nuts welded on and hanger brackets with adjustment.

The mild steel tail pipes got sandblasted and will be sprayed with black high-temp paint.

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