Friday, October 28, 2011

Something Fishy

Here's what I'm thinking for a future colour scheme for the car. The body is all flat black apart from the rear quarter, door, and c pillar on one side, which will be painted to look like a rough old race car (inspired by the 15oz coupe). I love the idea of having a two sided car. Here's a link to some side views.


  1. Why would you want to 2-tone it in that manner?

    I'm a Mustang guy myself, and I would never dream of such a weird paint job on my cars. Paint jobs are supposed to show of the car's lines and overall form. What are you trying to accomplish with the style?

    It just seems like all the hard work will end up looking a little bit like white trash yard garbage...

    Sorry to be harsh, but what"s the point?

  2. Are you referring to the image above or the grey and black colour scheme that the car will wear initially? Either way, I wouldn't expect a 'Mustang guy' to understand someone doing something unique.

  3. I have followed many build ups from pro street to pro touring and everything in between, but this project has my full attention. The direction your taking this build is awesome, cannot wait to see the '15 oz' stage of the evolution. Just looks downright menacing! The historical link and overall theme is lost on most, except for diehard mopar fanatics like myself. But i suppose coming from Weta you're used to being the tip of the spear...

    Ive got a 72 challenger in pieces in my shed, it was my first car (i'll never sell it). In ten years i havent had the motivation or inspiration to start the rebuild, 4 daughters will do that!

    Until now that is.

    All the best

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