Sunday, October 16, 2011

Modifying the intake. Here's the stock Edelbrock Performer RPM dual-plane intake.

The heads in my 440 have been quite heavily ported. The gasket here has been trimmed to the head port size, quite a bit larger than the stock ports on the intake!

After opening up the runners I lightly sandblasted the ports to give them a slightly rough texture, as this helps fuel mixing, intake runners shouldn't be polished apparently.

I also did a bit of work to the carb pad, as it had some ledges and a blunt divider that were an issue with the Wilson 1" 4 hole blended spacer between the intake and carb.

I cut the coil mounting castings off the front of the intake, as I'm not running the coil there. Then gave it a coat of black enamel to match the motor.

Done. I've also been working out the mounting bracket for the fuel pressure regulator, as well as the plug lead routing and the fuel line plumbing.

I got my TIG welding to the point where I'm confident welding up the half cage/roll bar. TIG welding is such a great process, I love it.

Here's one of the backstay mounting plates.

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