Monday, August 10, 2015

California car life

Working in LA sure has its perks if you like cars. There's a bunch of events on all the time and badass cars all around. It's been a real pleasure to drive around the city and the hills with the evening sun casting that patented Hollywood magic lighting on everything. And blasting the freeways late at night with the windows down and the stereo at max feels straight out of a movie.

I'm lucky to know some folks with some beautiful machines over here.

My work rental. Not a bad car at all, these new mustangs. I like em.

Here's a bunch of random pics from a few local car events. Mainly Supercar Sunday and the recent Auto Enthusiast Day. I even met Jay Leno at yesterdays Supercar Sunday, love that guy, rad dude. I'd love to get the kuda into his garage for an episode!

I felt a little patriotism when I saw that fellow kiwi Mad Mike seemed to be the biggest star at Auto Enthusiast Day. That little mx5 is so rad, what a weapon, and the quad rotor sounds awesome.

Loving the Californian life. This weekend I'm off to Monterey for Pebble Beach Concours and the historics racing at Laguna Seca. I went last year and it was epic. So I should have a bunch of photos of more rad machines coming soon!


  1. Sooo jelly! And I'm not even a big fan of cars!

  2. Haha nicely put Will. It all sounds awesome :) I will have to come visit you down there bud!

  3. It seems mighty ironic to me that your rental ended up being a WHITE mustang... I bet you tried to get a black one right? haha.

  4. We have some cool cars here in Arizona too but nothing like the volume in California. They have everything you can think of and a whole lot you didn't. Considering all the extra regulations they have there the car hobbyist really pays his dues.

    If you have time visit the NHRA museum in Pomona. Well worth spending a whole day in the area. Just tooling around the historic fairgrounds is fun too...

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