Friday, April 3, 2015

Beach Hop 2015

Well, I got a functional kuda up to Beach Hop in Whangamata. It was a crazy couple of weeks leading up to the event, with many late nights, but it all came together in time. The weather at the Hop was shit unfortunately, and watching the car fill with water in the rain was a bit rough. But the main parade was mostly clear and the car was a big hit. Rolling through the crowds with open headers and revving the shit outa the engine, as all the kids yell for you to do, sure was good fun.

Beach Hop is always a great time, even with crap weather. So many BBQs, beers, rad cars, and 5 days of cruising a little beach town in the beautiful Coromandel peninsula.

This year I spent a few extra days after the event a little further south at beautiful Papamoa Beach, and the weather was much better. Put a bunch of miles on the car on some nice quiet rural roads.

The car ran great. No leaks or problems, and the steering and handling around the narrow winding roads was fantastic.

All in all a great trip! I'll do a big post of all the work that was involved in getting the car to this stage soon. Cheers!