Thursday, March 12, 2015

some of the latest

Here's a quick fill-in of some of the progress lately. I've been pretty much working full time on this thing, morning to night, although sometimes it doesn't feel like anything is happening.

I finished the tail panel, which was basically the last section of the body to be done. There was a bit of work to finish the shaved trunk lock.

Feels pretty good to have the body finally finished!

Before the motor went into the car, it needed a few things. One was to clearance the passenger side header to gain room between the torsion bar. The overkill headers pretty much touched the overkill torsion bars, and I wanted to raise the angle of the drivetrain to get some extra ground clearance too.

I set the header in a bin of sand to support it while I heated it up and smacked it in.

Turned out pretty good! Gains me lot of room.

In the quest for more ground clearance I also trimmed the lower flange of the Lakewood bellhousing and 'block-saver' plate. When I was testing the car the bottom two bolts and bellhousing flange bottomed out on a big bump on the road. Made a very loud noise and ate a big chunk out of the road. I'm not planning on drag racing the car so I don't need the bottom two bolts and the SFI rating of the bellhousing. The bottom edge was round so you can see I gained a lot of ground clearance by modifying it like this.

I also made up new front brake lines and installed the Willwood proportioning valve before putting the drivetrain in the car. It's so nice to bolt new parts onto a fresh body with new hardware!

It's so easy to install everything like this. I highly recommend it!

There's a lot more that's happened since these photos too, so I'll try and update this website more regularly. Cheers!


  1. Ah so this is what you've been doing. Great stuff. I'm hoping though that the activity is also helping you think of designs for the Carbon project.

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