Monday, February 2, 2015

Slick underbelly

I've been looking forward to this view for a long time! I always planned to take a final photo of the finished underside while on the rotisserie, with the exhaust and lines etc on. Looks so rad.

The fuel and brake lines are on for good (first things bolted onto the car for real!), all mounted with stainless hardware and nice and secure. The exhaust and handbrake lines are just on for the photo, and will be coming off again. The exhaust needs the front flanges welded on, which I can only do with the motor, drivetrain, and headers in place to set the angles. The handbrake cable was set up for the drum brakes, and I've just ordered a disc kit from Dr Diff, which will require different length cables.


  1. That looks tidy as f-word! You gotta master driving on two wheels, let peeps have a peep under the skirt

  2. Won't be long now.. Looking Good!!!

  3. That thing is gonna set off honda alarms 3 parking lots away.

  4. Mr Beck
    Couldn't you just slip the front of the exhaust in the back of the headers and clamp them down or even put tabs on the sides and bolt them together race car style? Those flanges are problematic because the gaskets leak, drag on speed bumps and they are really hard to take on and off in a hurry when you need to IMO.

  5. I have been following your blog for quite some time now. It gives me motivation for my 72 Charger.

    -Friend from Canada