Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sandblasting and painting and sanding and sealing

Here's the car as it looked yesterday morning, strapped to a truck, on it's way to the sandblasters.
The weather wasn't looking good, despite the forecast being the opposite.

Getting the fresh coat of primer I put on blasted off to silvery metal that paint will stick to like nothing else. I think the blasters appreciated the rotisserie.

The blasting ate through a few places where invisible rust had been eating away in layered sections. So looks like a few more little rust repairs to do, just when you thought you had got em all!

As the weather was looking shit, I painted a thorough coat of epoxy urethane primer on the shell at the blasters. Cheers to Matt and his rad team at Steam and Sand for use of the space and letting me close up after hours when I had eventually finished!

This morning it was trucked to Classic Panel and Paint in Newlands so I could use Dave's booth to paint it (cheers Dave!), but sanding the shell took half the day (you have to sand the primer if it sits for longer than 8 hours without being overcoated). That sucked. And seam sealing all the joins and lap welds isn't much fun either...

Some of the paint needed to paint a car...   You need a fair bit more than this too. Don't ask how much this shit costs!


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