Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013, and my not so virginal 40 year old...

My car is now 40 years old, could 2013 be the year of the barracuda? Here's hoping!

I've been in holiday mode lately, but a bit of work has been done. Wrapped the tail pipes with some left over DEI titanium wrap. This stuff looks rad, it's a pity it'll be hidden under the car.

Made an alloy bracket that bolts to the car to house the 4150 Pelican case. One in the rear seat area for camera gear etc, and I'll make another bracket for the orange one in the boot for tools.

Plasma cut 3mm alloy brackets hold the case nice and snug, and the case can be locked closed and to the brackets. I'll powdercoat these black.

I've been doing lots of seemingly endless little things to the body in preparation for sand blasting or dipping or whatever combo I decide on for cleaning up the shell. Mounting provisions for fuel lines, brake lines, proportioning valve etc. This year will be busy if I want to get the car done by the end of it!

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  1. oh my goodness!! 40 yrs old...thats quite young!
    :) which welding machine do you have ?