Saturday, October 6, 2012

'Body, meet Motor!'

Test fit the drivetrain today, to fix templates where the header flanges sit, so I can fabricate the exhaust with the body on the rotisserie.

I raised the angle of the drivetrain a little higher than this shot for some extra ground clearance, then bolted some 10mm flanges onto the header flange and welded them to the body.

3.5" stainless tube. Greedy motor!

The various mandrel bends that I'll use to fabricate the exhaust. Plus some straight tube. How hard could it be? Ha ha...


  1. Those are HUGE!!! man this car is going to be wild :D

  2. I tell u how cool it is that you have put such attention to all the little details, I have a 70 Cuda which has been a 3 year nightmare! I look at yours and my faith is restored in what could be, keep on creating it inspires the rest of us!