Thursday, May 3, 2012

A little of the latest work:

Transporting the engine and drivetrain in preparation for the break-in of the motor. The drivetrain dolly I built really makes this sort of thing easy.

Garage buddies.

Welded the clutch Z bar bracket on. Big thanks to Josh for the pics and measurements that helped me get it in the right place.

This is the info plate on the firewall which will have the certification plate, fender tag, and VIN tag on it. I've welded nuts on the other side for easy mounting. The actual final plate will be alloy.

Here's the electrics plate on the inside of the firewall (where the heater box used to be) that will hold the fuses, relays, MSD box, and other electrical stuff. Again I've welded nuts on the other side, and the final plate will be 3mm alloy.

The finished gauge panel for the engine run stand. The two extra gauges on the top right will be going in the car. Doesn't hurt to be able to double check the oil pressure and coolant temperature!

The other side, showing the old mopar ECU from my car and the associated electrical bits that will control the motor on the run stand. Just need to finish the wiring.

The wiring diagram for the run stand. I'm using a couple of handy little HELLA relays for the electric fans, that have built in fuses, instead of the single relay and fuse shown in the diagram. The alternator wiring is also not shown on this diagram.

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