Friday, March 16, 2012


I have been working on the car, but most of it isn't really worth posting on here. Stripping paint, mocking things up, planning, etc...  But here's some work from today:

Added the braces that tie the rollbar into the c-pillar sail-panel area. These bolt on via the upper seat belt mount and an additional 10mm bolt.

Here's the plate welded to the sail panel to reinforce the area. There's a 10mm nut welded to the back for the additional bolt.

The plates on the rollbar are fixed with a bunch of heavy MIG tacks for now. I'll grind these back and TIG the plates on just before the car is done, in case any thing needs to change.

I also added a couple of braces to the firewall to inner-fender-brace area.

I wasn't satisfied with the way the stiff inner fender brace butted into the weaker cowl area. So these plates will help spread the load.


  1. love your car man, when you told me about it never thought you will invest so much work on it! you're hard core!