Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seems like not much has happened on the cuda lately, not much blog worthy stuff anyway. But here's a few random pics from the last couple of weeks:

Mocking up the steering column, steering wheel, pedals, seats etc to work out the seat brackets and steering quickener.

Fabricated an alloy shroud for the fans, and just starting the wiring of the run stand.

Finished lower control arms. Reinforced, sway bar brackets added, powdercoated, with Firm Feel heavy duty greasable pins and nylon bushings.

Lots of fun to spin the shell around.


  1. Really like your build. I am thinking of using Firm Feel's Lower Control Arm Nylon Bushings and Greasable Pins.

    When you install the nylon bushings do you have to use any pieces from the rubber bushing that you removed? I ask because, most of the time when you remove the LCA bushing you completely destroy it. If you need to save the outer metal casing of the LCA bushing it would be good to know.



  2. Hi Joe,
    yes you need the outer bushing shell from the rubber bushings. I bought a couple of new rubber bushings so I could press the rubber and inner shell out, then use the nice new outer. The Firm Feel pins and nylon bushings are nice pieces, I recommend them!