The Kuda

1973 Plymouth Barracuda.

True Mopar muscle, while being built for handling excitement, to be the most fun car to drive.

440 cubic inch big block, 4 speed, heavily stiffened chassis, fiberglass front end, Hotchkis suspension.

Built as a street/track day car, and set up to be recordable for video projects.

Selected specs:

440ci big block, fully forged, ported 915 heads, comp XEHL cam, Milodon road race oil pan, MSD ignition, TTI headers, Holley Ultra HP carb.

A833 4 speed, Hurst shifter, Lakewood scatter shield, Mcleod Racing clutch.
3.55:1 sure grip.

Stitch welded body seams, subframe connectors, extensive chassis bracing, half cage, fiberglass fenders, hood, and bumpers.

Hotchkis upper control arms, strut rods, tie rods, leaf springs, front and rear sway bars. Bilstein shocks. 1.12" torsion bars, drop spindles, reinforced control arms and k member, relocated springs, steering quickener, hydroboost, cop rotors, race pads, adjustable prop valve and a line locker.

Hood tach, handbrake, 3.5" exhaust dumps, Sparco sports seat.

The paint scheme is a homage to the badass factory Mopar drag cars of the late 60's, like the Hurst Hemi Barracuda. These cars were stripped out racers with fire breathing motors, primer grey bodies, and black fiberglass front ends, built for one purpose: to terrorise the competition.

This colour scheme for the Kuda will only be temporary, one look in a continuum that will evolve as the car evolves into a more purposeful race car.

This is a mid future vision for the car:

The distant future for the Kuda may see it become something like this:
A carbon fiber bodied, full blown track car...